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It is our commitment to provide sustainable, ecological solutions to restore the native areas within our community, and to leave a positive impact on the people, wildlife, and natural resources that we encounter.  We take accountability for our actions that influence the environment of our customers and co-workers.  We are innovators who strive to develop new and creative ideas that have the potential of changing the way we look at the world.  We hold our integrity to the highest standard, to act honestly without compromising the truth.  We are passionate about restoring our native areas that we put both our hearts and minds into our work, to achieve lasting results.  We respect others, to collaborate and create an environment of teamwork and growth that benefits the communities where we live and work.  We have a strong sense of responsibility and contribution to our community that defines our existence. 



Bluestem Ecological Services is a sustainable company that builds, restores and maintains native ecosystems.  Our goal is to bring elements of the original Midwest landscape back to its natural state.  We develop partnerships based on a balance of people, the environment, and most of all economic value.

We can restore your wetlands, woodlands and prairie - as well as develop new environmental spaces conserving clean water, space for pollinators, environmental education and wellness. 

Our mission is to develop native ecosystems through sustainable land management partnerships that will last for generations.

The benefits of Native Restoration and Native Landscaping are that it’s environmentally responsible, it’s economically beneficial, it creates a better place for the people on the property, and it’s better for our community.

A healthy environment is a diverse environment.